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About Green Hell Guides, LLC


I’m a life-long car enthusiast and motorsports fan. So the infamous Nordschleife or “north loop” at The Nürburgring had been on my radar for some time. In fact, a friend and I made an aborted attempt to go there back in the 90s when we had to travel to Belgium for business. At some point, we realized that there was no way we’d get there before it closed for the day. So for years I made do with simulating it in console games like Forza, watching YouTube videos and Top Gear episodes like the famous Sabine Schmitz in a transit van challenge. Something in me still wasn’t satisfied, though.

A couple of years ago with the future of The Ring uncertain due to bankruptcy, I decided I might not get another chance to check it off my bucket list, so I started doing my research and planning a trip.  I was excited, so I didn’t mind the calls to Germany, reading lots of information on the web and such, but it was a bit more challenging than I’d thought it would be to plan everything out and execute it.

I went back the next year and this time took on the planning for 3 other friends who came along with me and left all the details and itinerary to me. I found that I enjoyed this and my friends thanked me for all my efforts in setting up what was the trip of a lifetime for all of us.

So, that got me thinking. Were there others who shared my passion for The Nürburgring, but couldn’t quite get over the hump of making it happen? So I founded Green Hell Guides to offer everything from basic itinerary planning to full-blown custom guided tours. Think of us as your concierge for The Ring. We’re waiting to help you create a vacation you’ll never forget!

President, Green Hell Guides, LLC