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Green Hell Guides Tours and COVID-19

Here’s the current situation with Green Hell Guides tours and COVID-19. Green Hell Guides continues to operate to help North American clients achieve the dream of experiencing The Nürburgring to the fullest. Given the current situation we don’t have any tours scheduled at this time. However, we will be looking at potential tours in the summer/fall timeframe. We are also offering self-guided tour services now.

Here’s some information on the current situation. Tours often include VLN races or the N24 race and these have been rescheduled as a result of the pandemic. April 30 public driving did resume. If you can safely reach the Nürburg area, track car rental, hotels and restaurants can accommodate you with social distancing procedures that have been implemented. Here’s a bit more from Dale Lomas at Bridge To Gantry on what the current experience is like.

If you are considering visiting The Nürburgring during this time, but are uncomfortable with an embedded tour guide from Green Hell Guides along, we can offer self-guided tour services. We will consult with you on your itinerary, handle your reservations and provide documentation to guide your tour.

As guide-led tours resume, Green Hell Guides will follow appropriate procedures like masks and social distancing to ensure safe, in-person tours as well. As always, we work with you to customize your tour to meet your needs. This includes any virus response requirements to ensure your safety and comfort.

That’s the latest on Green Hell Guides tours and COVID-19. We at Green Hell Guides hope you and your families are safe and healthy during these times. We look forward to assisting with your Nürburgring-related vacations!