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The Top 5 Nürburgring Informational Videos

The Nürburgring videos that usually get people excited are those that highlight speed, danger and the beauty of the track. I’ve written on this topic in our 11 Best Nürburgring Nordschleife Videos post. These videos are different- they help you better understand the track, its history and some of the people involved with it. These are the top 5 Nürburgring informational videos.

5. Misha (AKA Boosted Boris) Walks Us Through The 2018 Repaving

Every year, some of the 13+ miles of the track is repaved. In this video, we see the 2018 work areas, have some common questions answered about the annual work on the track and find out there was a dog sled race at the track!

4. Get To Know Dale Lomas

Dale is well known for both the Bridge To Gantry blog and his work driving ring taxis. He’s a great guy with a wonderful perspective on everything related to the track and its use.

3. Get To Know Sabine Schmitz

She’s “The Queen of The Ring”, it’s most famous taxi driver (sorry, Dale!) and a former Top Gear host. Find out a bit more about her and the track.

2. How To Lap The Ring

This is a long video! There’s a ton of information here, but if you want to dissect every corner, here’s more than 2 hours of expert advice.

1. Tips On Surviving The Nürburgring

RSR is the most established vehicle rental agency at The Ring. This is their top 10 list of tips that should be mandatory viewing for those taking their first laps of the track.