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2018 24H Race Winner

Green Hell Guides Nürburgring Tours Calendar

To make it easier for our clients to schedule tours with Green Hell Guides, we’ve added calendar functionality to the website that shows upcoming VLN races as well as potential tours anchored to these endurance races. The Green Hell Guides Nürburgring tours calendar will show suggested tours as “potential tours” that would include enough time for all of our typical tour activities, but can be customized to meet your individual desires. Tours that are already booked will be shown as “confirmed tours” and will note if spaces are still available to reserve. Private tours will not be shown on the calendar.

Potenial tour dates are based on Green Hell Guides extensive experience planning trips that cover everything The Nürburgring and the surrounding countryside have to offer. We take into account the timing of races, tourist drive days and hours, museum days closed, etc. and offer tours that ensure you get to experience it all.

We will also sometimes include other events where you can speak with Green Hell Guides about Nürburgring vacations. These may include car club meetings, cars & coffee, races, etc. and will generally be in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.

In addition to the link embedded in this post, you’ll see the new “Events” item in the site menu for quick access to the Green Hell Guides Nürburgring tours calendar from anywhere on our site. Hopefully this will prove useful as you’re trying to plan dates for a potential Nürburgring vacation. As always, contact us with questions or for further assistance!