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Dale Lomas
Dale Lomas & Green Hell Guides President, Dave

Green Hell Guides June 2016 Tour Report

I’d promised a Green Hell Guides 2016 tour report on our Green Hell Guides Facebook page a while ago, so here it is! You may recall that we were soliciting for candidates to join our June/July tours a couple of months ago. We have pictures and video below, so read on!

Our June tour was set up to coincide with the VLN 4 race on 6/25 and the itinerary ended up being as follows:

  • Saturday, 6/18 depart the US
  • Sunday, 6/19 arrive in Germany and travel to Adenau which was our base of operations for this tour. We stayed at the Blaue Ecke which has been good to us in the past.

  • Monday, 6/20 consisted of a road tour with RSR Nürburg followed by tourist laps for our tour members

    touristenfahrten Karussell
    Tour members hit the Karussell during touristenfarhrten
  • Tuesday, 6/21 the tour members had some business in Munich, so other than the autobahn, there wasn’t really any driving/auto/motorsport activity
  • Wednesday, 6/22 we headed to Stuttgart to tour the Porsche and Mercedes museums

    Porsche 917s
    Porsche 917s at the Porsche Museum
  • Thursday, 6/23 started with a drive to Cochem and a tour of Cochem castle before we turned more laps during the evening tourist session on the track
    Cochem Castle
    Cochem Castle

    Cochem and the Mosel River
  • Friday, 6/24 we spectated at a track day before I took a taxi lap with Dale Lomas from Bridge to Gantry and RingTaxi.de during the open practice for the VLN race (Thanks, Dale!)

    Dale Lomas
    Dale Lomas & Green Hell Guides President, Dave
  • Saturday, 6/25 we watched the VLN race (Unfortunately Dale’s race ended early due to an on-board fire early in the race. I was happy with how Sabine, Klaus and Frikadelli Racing finished, though!)
  • Sunday, 6/26 we departed Germany

Overall it was another great Green Hell Guides tour and we got to introduce more people to the awesome experience of The Nürburgring Nordschleife! Below is a brief video highlighting the June 25, 2016 VLN 4 race. Enjoy!