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The Nürburgring is How Big?!?

If you’ve never been to The Nürburgring, it’s hard to appreciate how big it really is. Yeah, sure you know it’s about 13 miles long and goes through a few different towns, but those are just numbers.

Tonight I spent some time with Google Earth to create the path of the Nordschleife, export that map, grab the path and layer it on top of maps of Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC. Have a look at these images and you’ll be saying “The Nürburgring is how big?!?”

Just another point of reference, these are all from around 27,000 feet in altitude in order to get the entire Nordschleife in the picture. Yeah, it’s big.

Nürburgring Overlayed on PhillyNürburgring Overlayed on NYNürburgring Overlayed on DC