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What Does A Typical Nürburgring Tour Itinerary Look Like?

Good question! What does a Green Hell Guides typical Nürburgring tour itinerary look like? Using our upcoming trip to the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in May as an example, here you go:

  • Wednesday
    • Depart the US for Germany
  • Thursday
    • Arrive in Frankfurt (it’s an overnight flight, so you arrive the next day)
    • Drive from Frankfurt to Nürburg (about a 90 minute drive)
    • Stop at the Brunchen corner and spectate for a bit
    • Check-in to the hotel
    • Grab some dinner and turn-in early to try to get on local time
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    • These are all race days, so it’s mostly about spectating and photographing. If you’re not going during a big race weekend, you can ignore this bullet point.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
    • Visit the Ring*Werk museum
    • Visit different corners of the Nordschleife
    • Hike back to a tower in one of the local parks for a wonderful view of the Eifel mountain region
    • Visit the “worlds best gas station” with it’s amazing model car shop
    • Spend some time shopping and eating in Adenau
    • Drive some laps at the evening public hours for the Nordschleife
  • Saturday
    • Check-out of the hotel
    • Drive back to Frankfurt
    • Fly back to the US
    • Arrive home

As you see, we pack as much motorsports fun as possible into however many days we’re there for a Nürburgring tour. Of course, the itinerary can be modified to suit the group in question up front and on-the-fly once there at The Ring. Sometimes a trip up towards Munich to visit the Audi and BMW museums is on the agenda too.

One of the keys to a good Nürburgring tour vacation is to stay a bit flexible as track closures happen frequently due to accidents and public driving session schedules change. There’s lots to do and if you schedule enough days to be there, you can fit it all in.

No matter when you go or what options you choose, you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime with Green Hell Guides!