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So How Many Curves Does The Nürburgring Nordschleife Have?

So How Many Curves Does The Nürburgring Nordschleife Have?

That seems like it should be a simple question, right? Nürburgring curves, how many are there? If you search for the answer you’re likely to find many different answers, though.

Let’s start with everybody’s favorite Internet reference source, wikipedia. If you look in the right hand column of that article, you see a few different numbers based on what track configuration you’re talking about. For the purposes of this post we’re focused on the current Nordschleife, not the old layout or the combined Nordschleife and GP track. So we can see that wikipedia says it’s 154 for the 1983 to present Nordschleife.

Now, over at Chris Heiser’s excellent Nürburgring for Dummies site, which is required reading for anybody thinking of going to the Nordschleife, he states there are 73 corners. Wow, that’s a pretty big difference from 154!

I also consulted Petrolhead Planet’s 2013 Nürburgring Circuit Guide, written by Ron Simmons, owner of RSR Nürburg, and it states there are “about 170 corners”. By the way, that guide is a valuable resource for both first-time and returning Nordschleife drivers!

I counted up the named corners of the track, which generally include several bends, and got 35. I also tried to count all the bends in the overview maps of the track provided in the Petrolhead Planet guide and got 105.

Is there a definitive answer? I’d say not really. People are always going to determine the count in slightly different ways. Go watch one of the onboard videos and see how many you count! Here’s an official Nürburgring video following a lap of the track from the air to help you:

The reality is that it doesn’t really matter if there’s 73, 105, 154 or 170. Any way you add it up, the Nordschleife is 14 miles with a large number of corners and it’s a whole lot to try and keep in your head. The important part is preparation.

Go practice on PC or console sims, watch videos and consult guides so that you’re familiar with the overall layout of the circuit and have some sense of what’s coming next. You should be able to look at a picture, pick up watching a video or walk in on a buddy playing Forza and in a few seconds figure out where what you’re looking at is on the track and what section is coming up. It’s not a substitute for the real thing, but it will help you be safer in your first few laps.

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