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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Nurburgring Vacation

The primary reason everybody goes on a vacation to The Nürburgring Nordschleife is to drive the famous and challenging track. If you’ve not been there before, though, there are a few bonuses that make it an even better automotive enthusiast vacation destination than you imagined.

  1. Carspotting Everywhere you go around The Ring there will be exotic cars, classic cars and interesting cars. Everywhere. The parking lot at the entrance to the Nordschleife obviously is a continuous cars & coffee, but hotels, restaurants, gas stations, markets, etc. are all ever changing car shows. Get a table on the sidewalk at any of the restaurants in Adenau and just watch the fabulous hardware roll by in an almost never-ending stream. Modern Ferraris are so common you will stop taking pictures of them before your trip is over.
  2. Spectating Sure, you know that the course is about 13 miles in length. You know that it’s called the Nürburgring because it is literally a ring around the town. You think, “I get it. It’s big.” No. You don’t get it. It goes around Nürburg, it goes through Adenau, you cross it several times driving from Adenau to the entrance. It’s huge and there are so many awesome places to watch on-track action from. See my post “The Nürburgring Is How Big?!?“. You can easily spend a day just going from spot to spot watching whatever’s happening on the track- tourist session, track day, manufacturer test, race practice. No charge. You will love it.
  3. Sights The surrounding countryside is beautiful and there are lots of places to hike or just enjoy an awesome view. There are several really cool castles nearby too, including the obvious one on the hill in Nürburg.
  4. Museums Stuttgart is an easy drive and is home to both the Porsche and Mercedes museums. You’ll want a full day to see them both and they are well worth the drive. On the way there, you’ll pass the Sinsheim museums on the Autobahn with lots of planes (yes, that’s a Concorde you see from the road) and cars. If you have more time, the Audi and BMW museums are within reach, but a bit further out.
  5. People Everyone you meet will be your new best friend. It’s in the middle of nowhere, so everyone you meet is there for one reason- they’re as passionate about cars and racing as you are. You’ll strike up conversations with people in the parking lot, at spectating points, in restaurants and you’ll always have something to talk about. It’s great.

See it’s not just the best driving vacation you’ll have, it’s one of the best, if not THE best, vacation you’ll ever have. Let Green Hell Guides help you with that Nurburgring vacation.