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This site was born out of my enthusiasm for all things Nürburgring. My trips there have been the most fun I’ve ever had on vacation. If you’re into cars and racing, everything about it lives up to the hype.

First, there’s the reason we all go- to drive the infamous 13 mile track. It is as challenging and unforgiving as you’ve heard. You’ll do well to prepare as much as you can before your trip by memorizing as many of the 170 or so curves as you can. I won’t lie, I found the first few laps to be very intimidating. You’re still figuring out what’s coming up next and the locals are passing you at a high rate of speed. After those first several laps though, you get a better feel for the place, begin to go a bit faster and really start to enjoy yourself. Imagine your best Sunday morning drive on your favorite backroad, eliminate the possibility of getting a ticket and multiply the enjoyment by a hundred.

Second, in most of our lives we’re the minority in terms of our enthusiasm for all things automotive. Maybe there’s one or two people you work with who really get it and you probably have a handful of friends who share your passion. In most social situations, though, we’re the odd person out when it comes to our interests. Now imagine reversing that. What if you were someplace where everyone you meet shared your excitement about cars, racing, etc? What if you went somewhere on vacation where every day was about driving, cars and racing? That’s The Nürburgring experience.

Add to this some beautiful countryside, great local roads, the Autobahn and a relatively short drive to some of the world’s greatest automotive museums and you have all the ingredients for an epic automotive adventure! Green Hell Guides wants to help you with that adventure. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more details on our services along with other Nürburgring, automotive and racing content.

Thanks for checking in!
President, Green Hell Guides, LLC